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A winning day out at Brixham Regatta 20th September 2022

Porlock Weir Pilot Gig Club were in action at a sunny Brixham Regatta on Saturday 20th. The women’s squad started proceedings over the 3km course, in the Women’s B race.  The crew had a good start keeping themselves in the pack. The first turn was at 1km in, this is where the carnage started, with crew clashing oars and crashing. Porlock managed to stay out of trouble and cruised up the inside passing a number of crews on the turn, the women doing a great job of focusing on their rowing. Off the turn Porlock managed to get into a good rhythm and hold their place.  Pushing on around the next two turns the crew pulled up on the crew in front. They carried this momentum on until the final straight. The crew fought hard to maintain their place, were just pipped on the line by two strong crews.

A quick break and one crew member change the women were back out racing in Women’s C. This time the madness started straight off the start, with a crew steering across the course, causing others to steer towards the Porlock crew. Assertive coxing by Porlock and great work by the women to keep hold of their oars caused the other crews to slow and back off. The women pushed their advantage and get into a good rhythm to the first bend. The Porlock crew did a great job around the corner and took two crews. Racing hard to the finish they kept a good rhythm and length to hold their position. Great work by a mixed of experienced heads and new rowers. Great progress being made.

After a short break for juniors, it was the time for the men. The first men’s race was men’s A. The crew confident about their chances with a good training block went off hard, coming in 2nd at the first turn. Some more great coxing helped the crew close in on the leaders from Barnstable. The crew tend to get stronger through a race and slowly started to put distance into the crews behind them and catch up to Barnstable. The last leg to the finish saw Porlock lift the rate and sprint to the line, catching up to Barnstable. The crew crossed the line in first pipping Barnstable with a photo finish!

A crew later the men went back out racing in the Men’s B category. The Porlock crew had a great start this time and lead the field by the first turn. They turned the screw and for the next 1km slowly pulled away. On the final straight they took the rate down and relaxed into a nice pace, commanding the race. A small push near the finish pulled the crew further into the lead, winning the race by a distance.

A great, successful day out in the sun, with the young club gaining its first “A” race 1st place. Lots of learning and things to work on but a great way to end the summer racing. Next up Poole regatta, 10th September, followed by Minehead – Porlock Row 24th September.



Women’s B – 12/15

Women’s C – 9/12

Men’s A – 1/7

Men’s B – 1/10


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