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Porlock Weir Gig Club mugs!

There is much excitement for the season ahead following a great World Championships. Please help us fundraise by buying our lovely new mugs!  We need to pull together to raise funds for more oars, covers for our training gigs and much else besides!

INTRODUCING…. our very own Porlock Weir Gig Club mugs! How to get hold of yours…

1. Look at the pictures and marvel at the beauty of our new mugs, created from an original painting by Leo Davey, Leo Davey Studio/Gallery. This was commissioned exclusively for the gig club, and the mugs are printed here in the South West. The image is copyright of the club for perpetuity, making our mugs unique!

2. Fill in an order form (click and save it - it's the last image in this post) and make your payment by BACS to the club account (details on form)

3. Email your form (scan it or take a photo of it) to before 31 May. Our first shipment of mugs will be ordered on 31.5.2024 and will arrive soon afterwards.



1 mug with turquoise boat name text: £10

1 coaster: £2.50

Set of four mugs* with coasters: £45 *

A stylish and beautiful set of four will have boat names text in four colours – turquoise, purple, yellow and royal blue (a fabulous present!)

Set of four mugs without coasters: £40

Please email Thank you for supporting the club! Enjoy your mugs . The club would like to thank Leo very much for working with us long and hard on this initiative.

Click on image below for the order form

Click on image above for order form

Take a Look

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